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Commonly used standard number for American Standard Industrial Valves,Flanges, Pipe Fittings:

ANSI B16.5: steel flanges and flange fittings 

ANSI B16.10: face to face length of iron, steel industrial valves 

ANSI B16.11: Forged steel pipe fittings of socket welded and and threaded connection. 

ANSI B16.20: Ring gaskets and grooves for steel pipe flanges

ANSI B16.25:Butt welded connection ends 

ANSI B16.34:steel industrial valves

ASTM A105:carbon steel forgings 

ASTM A126 :Grey iron castings for industrial valves,flanges and fittings

ASTM A182:forged and rolled alloy steel components 

ASTM A193:Alloy steel bolts 

ASTM A194:Carbon steel and alloy steel nuts 

ASTM A216:Carbon steel castings 

ASTM A217:Alloy steel castings 

ASTM A232:Quality standard for chrome vanadium alloy spring wire for industrial valves 

ASTM A276: Stainless heat-resistant steel bar type material

ASTM A320: Low temperature alloy steel bots 

ASTM A350: carbon steel and low alloy steel forgings for pipes 

ASTM A351: stainless steel casting 

ASTM A352: Low temperature carbon steel and alloy steel castings

ASTM A479: alloy steel bars and sections 

ASTM A540: Special alloy steel bolts 

MSS SP25 :Symbols for industrial valves, fittings, flanges and fittings 

API 6D: Specifications for industrial pipeline valves 

API 598: Inspection and testing of industrial valves

API 600 :Flanged or butt welded steel gate valves 

API 602 :small diameter gate valves,globe valves and check valves for oils and gas industry. 

API 609:Double flanged, lug type and wafer type butterfly valves 

API 608: Flanged, threaded and welded metal ball valves 

API 608 stainless steel soft seal ball valve
API 608 stainless steel soft seal ball valve
API608 forge steel high pressure hard seal ball valve
API608 forge steel high pressure hard seal ball valve

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