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About Belo Valve

Hebei Belo Valve Co.,Ltd, established in 2005, located in Yaoshan Industrial Park, Longyao Xian, Hebei Province, China, located to Tianjin City, and Beijing City, is a professional manufacturer and exporter for medium and low pressure industrial valves. Until the end of 2021, Belo valve has manufacturing area over 30,000 square meters, staff over 140, including 10 technicians and 7 engineering staff, and can achieve manufacturing over 8000 tons each year.  Belo Valve can manufacture industrial valves products like soft seal/hard seal butterfly valves series, hydraulic control valves series, soft-seal gate valves series, hard-seal gate valves and globe valves series, fire protection valves series, check valve series, ball valve series, expansion joints series, rubber joints, stainless steel bellows expansion joints, with over 30 series and more than 1000 specifications, with nominal diameters ranging from DN15-DN1200, pressure class ranging from 0.6Mpa-6.4Mpa.

Test and inspection

Strict inspection for quality guarantee.

In order to guarantee the quality of all valves manufactured by Belo Valve, all finished valves products should finish the following test and inspections and be qualified before delivery: 

Shell strength test, sealing performance test, casting appearance quality inspection, finished products appearance painting quality inspection, body cavity cleanliness inspection, maximum opening and closing torque inspection, valve parts inspection. 


Belo Valve is a professional manufacturer for industrial valves, like soft seal/hard seal gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, globe valves, ball valves, hydraulic control valves, fire protection valves, and pipe joints. Our industrial valves are widely used in: 

1. Petrochemical industry

2. Water treatment and supply pipe line systems. 

3. Natural gas extraction and delivery systems. 

4. Metallurgy industry

5. Fire protection pipe line systems. 

6. Food and medicine processing pipe systems.


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Good service, thanks Mr. Kelvin for your kind service, hope we two office will grow together.
John Kim
Purchasing Manager
Thanks for your fast and safe delivery, which handle our project problems. see you guys next time.
Russ Drop
Sale Manager
Great factory for our customized valves design,Wish you a successful business. Thanks all members.

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