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Butterfly valves are widely used, mainly for switching and regulating in pipelines. What are the design standards for butterfly valves, how those standards are formulated, and how those standards are implemented? Those is what we are going to introduce today: 

Standards No. For butterfly valve and their description: 

Standards No.  Description of standards 
DL/T746-2001Selection principle of butterfly valve in power station 
GB/T12238-1989Universal flange and wafer connect butterfly valves 
GB/T3036-1994Marine concentric butterfly valves 
GB/T3037-1994Marine double eccentric butterfly valve 
JB/T4079-1991High vacuum butterfly valve types and basic parameters 
JB/T7550-1994Switching butterfly valves for air separation equipment
JB/T53145/1994Quality classification of switching butterfly valve for air equipment
JB/T8527-1997Metal sealed butterfly valve 
JB/T5299-1998Hydraulic check butterfly valve 
JB/T8692-1998Flue butterfly valve 
JB/T53171-1999Quality classification of butterfly valve products 
JB/T56170-1999Quality classification of butterfly valve products for transformer 
JB/T50057-1999Quality classification of switching butterfly valve products for air separation equipment 
JB/T8863-2004Test procedure of butterfly valve life in static pressure 
NF C46-511-2001Industrial control valves, Part 3-2:Dimensions, face to face length size for rotary control valves other than butterfly valves 
ANSI/AWWA C504-1994Rubber gasket sealing butterfly valve 
ASTM F 1098-1987Butterfly valve shell size for pipe nominal size 2-24 
BS EN 593-1998Industrial valve-metal butterfly valve 
EN 593-1998Industrial valve-metal butterfly valve 
EN 60534-3-2-2001Industrial control valve Part 3: dimensions Part 2: ends spacing dimension of control valve without flanges(except thin butterfly valve)
prEN ISO 16136-2001Industrial valves-butterfly valve made of thermoplastic material
prEN 593-2003Industrial valve-metal butterfly valve 
DIN 85003-3-1997Technical delivery conditions for pipe fittings for shipbuilding Part 3: butterfly valve 
DIN 3356-1-1982Butterfly valves: General Data 
DIN EN 60534-3-2-2002Industrial control valve,Part3-2:dimension, ends spacing dimension for flange-less control valve(except thin type butterfly valve) 
Butterfly Valve Standards List-Belo Valve

Belo Valve is a professional manufacturer and supplier for concentric butterfly valves and eccentric butterfly valves; for concentric butterfly valves, we have wafer type butterfly valves, wafer lugged type butterfly valves, concentric flange type butterfly valves. For eccentric butterfly valves, we have single eccentric butterfly valves, double eccentric butterfly valves and triple eccentric butterfly valves. 

All butterfly valves products produced by Belo Valve are designed and fabricated in strict accordance with the corresponding national and international standards, and must undergo strict quality inspection before the delivery to ensure each valve products that enter into the market meet relevant standards, and can stand the test of the market. 

For more technical informations and prices about concentric and eccentric butterfly valves, please contact us:

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