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  • DIN bellows globe valveDIN3356 PN16 DIN3356 cast iron bellows sealing globe valve-Belo Valve

    DIN bellows globe valve

    Brief Introduction of DIN bellows globe valve:

    Bellows globe valve is also called bellows seal globe valve. Through automatic seam welding, a metal barrier is formed between the fluid medium and the atmosphere to ensure zero leakage of the valve stem. The bellows globe valve adopts a bellows structure. The stainless steel lower end of the bellows is welded on the valve stem to prevent the fluid from corroding the valve stem. The high performance elastic metal bellows has a particularly long service life.

  • DIN globe valveDN15 PN16 cast iron GG25 DIN globe valve flanged type-Belo Valve

    DIN globe valve

    Brief Introduction of DIN globe valve:

    The stem axis of the globe valve is perpendicular to the sealing surface of the valve seat, the opening or closing stroke of the valve stem is relatively short, and it has a very reliable cut-off function; the opening and closing part of the globe valve is cylindrical disc, and the sealing surface is flat or conical. The valve disc moves linearly along the centerline of the fluid.