Grooved Y type strainer

Brief introduction of grooved strainer

This kind of grooved strainer is widely used water supply and drainage system, fire protection system in municipal works, civil construction, industrial engineering and other industrial projects.


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Product name: Grooved Y type strainer

Model no: GL81H-16Q

Brief introduction of grooved strainer:

The grooved strainer adopts grooved connection, which is easy to install, fast and convenient to maintain, and cost-saving; there is a filter cartridge with filter screen inside the strainer, when it is working, the impurities will be blocked by the filter screen. When cleaning is required, just take out the filter cartridge and reload it after cleaning. Therefore, it is extremely convenient to maintain.

Characteristics of grooved strainer:

  1. compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, flexible to operate, easy to repair.
  2. efficient, precise filtering, user can choose different precision filter discs according to water requirements.
  3. less maintenance, long working life.
  4. The inside of the valve body is coated with epoxy resin, which make the valve body corrosion resistant to guarantee the water quality.

Applications of grooved strainer:

Grooved strainer is widely in the fluid delivery pipeline systems of fire protection, air conditioning, gas, petroleum, chemical engineering, water treatment, municipal administration ship building and other industries to filter the impurities.

Technical specifications:

Model No. PN(MPa) Test pressure(MPa) Mediums Working temperature
Strength(water) Seal(water)
GL81H-10Q 1.0 1.5 1.1 Water, oils 100℃
GL81H-16Q 1.6 2.4 1.8

Material for main parts:

Part name Material
Body and deck Ductile cast iron
Filter screen SUS304








Working temperature