Multi-functional pump control valve

Introduction of multi-functional pump control valve

This multi-functional pump control valve is one kind of intelligent valve, widely used in pump outlet of high-rise buildings water supply system and other water supply systems to prevent the mediums from flowing back, and the occurrence of water hammer and water attack.


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Product name: Multi-functional pump control valve

Model no.: JD745X-16

Nominal diameter: DN100-400

Introduction of multi-functional pump control valve:

Water pump control valve is one kind of intelligent valve which is widely installed in water intake,water delivery, diving sewage pump room of fields like municipal, construction, steel, metallurgy, petroleum,chemical,gas(natural gas),food,medicine, power plants, nuclear power and water supply system of petroleum,chemical fluids, and water pump outlet of other water supply systems, to prevent the medium from flowing back, the occurring of water hammer and water attack. This pump control valve has the functions of electric valve, check valve, and water hammer eliminator, which can effectively improve the safety and reliability of the water supply system. It integrates the technical principles of slow opening,quick closing, and slow closing to eliminate the water hammer to prevent the occurrence of water hammer when the pump is opened and closed. Just operating the ON/OFF button of the pump, the pump control valve can automatically open and close according to the pump operation rules, with large flow and small pressure loss.

Advantages of Multi-functional pump control valve:

  1. high safety and reliability. It has three measures to eliminate water hammer, namely quick closing, slow closing, energy absorbing cavity, and the actions are complete interlocked without any malfunction.
  2. No need to operate or control. When the pump starts and stops, the medium at both ends of the valve and its pressure difference are cleverly used as the driving medium and control power, so that the valve can automatically act according to the requirements of the pump operating principles.
  3. No professional debugging is required. The valve action is not affected by the liquid level height difference, the water outlet pressure and the change of the pump flow rate, and has a wide range of adaptability.
  4. Basically no need to maintain, and long service life.
  5. The energy saving effect is obvious. The pressure at the inlet end is used to enter the lower cavity to support the weight of the diaphragm pressure plate and the valve stem, and the resistance loss is small.






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