Industrial valves manufacturer

3. How to compile the valve model No.? 

A. Introduction for the first Unit: Valve Type: 

Valve TypeCode
Gate ValveZ
Check ValveH
Ball ValveQ
Butterfly ValveD
Drain ValveP
Globe ValveJ
Diaphragm ValveG
Valve TypeCode
Plug ValveX
Throttle ValveL
Safety ValveA
Regulating ValveT
Balance ValveJP/DP
Pressure Relief ValveY
Drain ValveS

B. Introduction for the second unit: Driving Mode. 

Driving ModeCode
Worm gear actuator3
cylindrical gear actuator4
Conical gear actuator5
Driving typeCode.
Air-operated/pneumatic actuator6
Motor driven.electrical actuator9

Note: for those industrial valves who are driven by lever hand or hand-wheel, in that Driving-type position, the code will be omitted, as well as the automatic valve. 

C. Introduction for third unit: Connect type. 

Internal thread1
External thread2
Bite type9
Type. Code

D. Introduction for the fourth unit: Structure type

  1. Gate Valve

2. Globe Valve

Structure typeCode
straight-through type1
Angle type4
Oblique stop valve5

3. Check Valve

Structure type  Code
Lift check valvestraight-through1
 vertical-lift check valve2
Swing check valvesingle disc4

4. Plug Valve

Structure type code
Gland packing plug valvestraight-through3
 T type three-way4
 four-way type5

5. Ball Valve

Ball valves structure type

6. Drain Valve

Structure Type Code 
Liquid bottom Cut-off DC5
 Cut-off straight6
 Cut-off angle 7
 Float disc straight 8
Liquid level continuous Cut-off straight1
 Cut-off angle 2

E. Introduction for the fifth unit: sealing surface or lining material.

Material Code
Alloy steel Y
Rubber X
Bearing alloyB


  1. If the sealing material is using the valve body material, the code will be“W”. 
  2. When the sealing material is different, it is indicated with the material code with lower hardness. 

F. Introduction of the sixth unit: Nominal Pressure. 

G. Introduction of the seventh unit: valve body material: 

Gray ironZ
malleable cast ironK
Ductile cast ironQ
Carbon cast steel C
Copper alloyT
Stainless steel P

Notes: when the PN≤1.6MPa, and the valve body material is carbon cast iron, when the PN≥2.5MPa, the valve body material is carbon cast steel, the code for valve body material will be omitted. 

4. General rules for How to choose a proper industrial valve: 

A. Choose the industrial valve according to purpose. 

①:connect and cut off the flow: the gate valves, globe valves, ball valves can be applied to connect and cut off the flow. 

②: used to prevent the mediums from flowing back: the check valves can be used to prevent the mediums from flowing back. 

③: used to regulate the pressure and flow rate: the regulating valves, balance valves, pressure reducing valves, butterfly valves and plug valves can be used to regulate the pressure and flow rate.

④: used to separate and distribute the mediums: the multi port ball valve, plug valves, drain valve. 

⑤: used to protect the device to work safe: safety valves can be used to protect the valve to work safely. 

B. Choose the industrial valve according to the driving mode: 

①: manually-operated valves: for industrial valves with small diameter, they are usually driven by lever hand or hand wheel. 

For industrial valves with large diameter, they are driven by hand wheel through reduction gear, generally, that kind of industrial valves are rarely opened and closed, or are installed in a convenient place. 

②: driven by power. There are some kinds of industrial valves, which are driven by pneumatic actuator, hydraulic actuator or electrical actuator, generally, they are installed in some dangerous places or some places where the valve is not convenient to operate. 

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