Where industrial valves are used

Valve is one widely used mechanical device which we can see almost everywhere in our life. You can find some valves on the crowded street, in our house, in the power station, paper factory, refinery, also in various infrastructure and industrial facilities. 

Here, we are going to introduce the TOP seven industries where the valves are widely used: 

No.1 Power Industry. 

Many power plants are using fossil fuels and high speed turbines to generate the electricity. The gate valve is the priority for the power plant to use to open and close the pipe line systems. Sometimes, other valves may be used, such as Y type globe valve

High performance ball valves are also widely used in power industry. 

Power plant applications put pipes and valves under enormous pressure, so the stronger material and powerful design are required for the valves to withstand the multiple challenges of cycling, temperature and pressure. 

In addition to the main steam valve, the power plant has many auxiliary pipes. These auxiliary pipes consist of a wide variety of globe valves, butterfly valves, check valves, ball valves and gate valves. 

No.2 Water Supply Factory. 

The water supply factory has relatively low pressure levels and environmental temperature. 

Since the water temperature is normal, it is possible to use rubber seals and elastomers that are not suitable elsewhere. 

These types of materials allow for sealing installation of water valves to prevent water leakage. 

The pressure of the valves in water factory are typically well lower than 200PSI, so high pressure and thick body wall designs are not required. Unless the valves are required at the high pressure points in dams or very long waterway, the internal-installed valves may require to bear the pressure around 300PSI.

3. Offshore Industry. 

The piping systems of offshore production facilities and oils rigs contain numerous valves. Those valves have various specifications, to handle all flow control problems. 

The critical part of an oil production facility is the natural gas or oil recovery pipeline system. That system is not just be used on platforms, its production systems are often used at depth of 10,000 feet or more. 

On larger oil platforms, more processing of the crude oil from the wellhead is required. 

These processes include the separation of gas(natural gas) from fluid vapors and to separate water from hydrocarbons. 

These systems typically use ball valves, check valves and API 6D gate valves. API 6D valves are not suitable for applications with stringent piping requirements and are generally used in the internal facility piping systems on drill ships or platforms. 

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