Where industrial valves are used

No.4. Waste water treatment

The waste water pipeline networks are used to collect waste solids and fluids, then delivery them to the sewage treatment plant. The waste water treatment plant is using the low pressure pipelines and valves, in many cases, the requirements for valves used for waste water are not as strict as that used for clean water. 

Check valves and iron gate valves are the most popular options for waste water treatment.

No.5. Oil and Gas Production Industry. 

Many heavy valves are used in gas and oil wells and their production facilities. Underground natural gas and oil have enormous pressure, the oil gas can be sprayed into the air as high as 100 meters. 

The combination of valves and other special accessories can withstand the pressure over 10,000PSI, such pressures are rare on ground, but that pressure is more common in deep seal oil wells. 

The valves used in the wellhead are subject to bear high temperature and extreme high pressure. that combinations of valves and pipes often contain special globe valves( also called throttling valves) and gate valves. That special glove valves are used to regulate the flow rate from the well. 

In addition to wellheads, there are other facilities on gas and oil fields that requires valves, which includes pretreatment process equipment for natural gas or oils. Those valves are usually using carbon steel material, its grade is lower. 

No.6. Flowing Water Pipelines 

Many important valves are used in those pipelines, like emergency pipeline shut off valves. The emergency can isolate part of the pipe lines for maintenance or leakage. 

There are also some scattered facilities along the pipelines: this is where the pipeline emerges from the ground, this is he equipment used for inspection and cleaning of production line. These stations contain multiple valves, which are generally ball valves or gate valves. The valves of the plumbing system must be fully open to allow the passage of the sewer equipment. 

No.7. Commercial Buildings 

There are a lot of pipelines inside each high rise buildings. After all, every building needs water and electricity. For water, there must be plenty of various pipe line systems to transport tap water, waste water, hot water and fire protection systems. 

In addition, in order to make the fire protection work properly, they must have sufficient pressure. The type and category of the fire protection general assembly valves must be approved by the appropriate regulatory agency before installation. 

Valve Versatility

Valves are used everywhere. There are just seven common examples, commercial buildings have many more valves than those used for fire protection, such as those used in chemical industry, steam and heating pipe line systems. Valves are also found in cars, also we can find valves in our house, apartment buildings. Valves are everywhere in our life and production. 

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