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The advantage of industrial gate valve is having a great sealing performance, which makes gate valves widely used in pipe line systems of water, and the supplying pipe line systems of hot water. The disc of the gate valve won’t block the object to going through ,once it is opened fully. So the gate valve is widely used in the heating supply pipe network and on the small boilers to work as the drain valve. Generally speaking, the gate valve couldn’t be used in steam pipe line networks, because when the pressure is going higher, the disc of the gate valve will become difficult to open due to the pressure on one side. 

Gate valve is suitable to work at full open and close state, it is not suitable to be used to adjust the flow. If the gate valve is always in the half-opening working state, the sealing surface of the disc will lose the sealing performance due to the mediums scouring. 

Gate valve includes: resilient seat rising stem gate valve, resilient seat non rising gate valves, hard seal rising stem gate valves, hard seal non rising stem gate valves, for more information about how many gate valves we have, kindly visit our website:

rising stem/non rising stem gate valve-Belo Valve
rising stem/non rising stem gate valve-Belo Valve

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