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Foot valve,or bottom valve, also known as non return valve, is a low pressure flat valve. Its function is to ensure that the liquid flows in one direction in the pipelines. So the water pump can work normally. When the pump stops working intermittently for a short time, the liquid cannot flow back to the water container to ensure that the suction pipe is always filled with liquid, which will facilitate the restart of the pump. 

Foot valve is an energy-saving valve. It is generally installed at the bottom end of the underwater suction pipe of the water pump to limit the backflow of the liquid in the water pump, so the water can only enter , couldn’t flow back. There are many water inlets and reinforcing ribs on the valve cover, which make the foot valve not to be blocked, and the foot valve is mainly used in pipeline for pumping water. The foot valve has single disc, dual disc and multi disc types, its connect type has flange connect and threaded connect. 

How foot valve:well bottom valve looks like
How foot valve:well bottom valve looks like

1. Types of foot valve: 

Internal thread lift foot valve- also known as well bottom valve, suction valve, filter valve; 

Lift type foot valve, also known as flange well bottom valve; 

Swing foot valve, also known as flange swing well bottom valve. 

2. Where is foot valve used? 

The foot valve(bottom valve) has characteristics like: reasonable design, advanced manufacturing technology, and convenient to install and maintain. Also it has low friction resistance, long service life, and is energy saving. 

The foot valve is widely used in water pumps in petrochemical, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, mining, irigation and other industries 

Foot valve/bottom valve
Foot valve/bottom valve

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