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Belo Valve is one professional Chinese OEM supplier for DIN Y type strainers,(which is also called DIN Y type filter, DIN Y strainer, DIN Y filter). those strainers are also important devices like industrial valves in the various pipeline systems to help clean the media. today we are going to give you a simple understanding how that DIN Y type strainers.

DIN Y type strainers are essential components used in pipeline systems to remove solid particles from liquid or gas flowing through the system. The “Y” shape of the strainer is derived from its design, which resembles the letter Y. These DIN Y type strainers offer effective filtration, protecting downstream equipment and processes from damage caused by contaminants. In this article, we will explore the specifications, materials, working principles, and applications of DIN Y type strainers.

Specifications of DIN Y type strainer:
DIN Y type strainers adhere to specific standards set by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), a German organization that develops and publishes technical standards. These DIN Y type strainers come in various sizes, ranging from DN15 to DN300 (or 1/2″ to 12″ in nominal pipe size), allowing them to accommodate different pipe diameters. The DIN Y type strainer’s pressure rating typically ranges from PN10 to PN16, enabling them to handle varying operating pressures.

Material options for DIN Y type strainer:

DIN Y type strainers are manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure durability and resistance to corrosion. Common materials used for the body and bonnet of DIN Y type strainer include stainless steel (such as SS304 or SS316), carbon steel, and cast iron, ductile cast iron. and the material used for the screen of DIN Y type strainer usually is stainless steel material. The choice of material depends on the compatibility with the process fluid, operating conditions, and the level of filtration required.

cast iron GG25 Y type filter strainer PN16-Belo Valve
cast iron GG25 Y type filter strainer PN16-Belo Valve

How DIN Y type strainer works:
The working principle of a DIN Y type strainer is relatively straightforward. The DIN Y type strainer is installed in the pipeline, and the fluid flow enters through the inlet of the Y-shaped body. The fluid then passes through a perforated stainless steel screen or mesh, which traps solid particles larger than the specified mesh size. The filtered fluid then exits through the outlet. Periodically, when the strainer screen gets clogged, it can be cleaned or replaced, ensuring uninterrupted flow and maintaining the operational efficiency of the system.

stainless steel Y type strainer DN100 PN16-Belo Valve
stainless steel Y type strainer DN100 PN16-Belo Valve

Why We Need a DIN Y Type Strainers in Pipeline Systems:
DIN Y type strainer play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of pipeline systems. Here are a few reasons why we need a DIN Y type strainer in our pipeline system:
Protection: GG25 DIN Y type strainers effectively remove debris, such as rust, scale, sediment, or solid particles carried by the fluid, preventing them from reaching sensitive equipment downstream. This helps protect pumps, valves, meters, and other critical components from damage and premature wear.
Process Efficiency: By eliminating contaminants, cast iron DIN Y type strainers ensure that the fluid flowing through the pipeline system is clean and free from solid particles. This helps maintain the overall process efficiency, preventing clogging, blockages, or disruptions that could lead to system downtime and decreased productivity.
Equipment Longevity: Contaminants present in the fluid can cause abrasion, erosion, or corrosion of equipment surfaces, reducing their lifespan. stainless steel/cast iron Y type strainers remove these contaminants, extending the life of equipment and reducing maintenance costs.

DIN standard cast iron Y type filter/strainer
DIN standard cast iron Y type filter/strainer

Where are those cast iron/stainless steel DIN Y Type Strainers Installed?
DIN Y type strainers find applications in various industries and pipeline systems, including but not limited to:
1. Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
2. Oil and Gas Refineries
3. Power Generation Facilities
4. Water Treatment Plants
5. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
6. Food and Beverage Processing
7. HVAC Systems
8. Pulp and Paper Mills

DIN Y type strainers flanged end cast iron or stainless steel body and bonnet material provide efficient and cost-effective filtration solutions for pipeline systems. With their ability to remove solid particles from the fluid flow, they protect downstream equipment, enhance process efficiency, and prolong equipment lifespan. By adhering to DIN standards, these Y type strainers ensure consistent quality and performance across different applications and industries.

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