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  • swing check valve

    DIN swing check valve

    Brief introduction of swing check valve:

    Swing check valve ,also known as one-way valve or non-return valve, is used to prevent the back-flow of the mediums in the pipelines. The valve that opens and closes driven by the flow force of the medium to prevent the medium from flowing back is called check valve. The check valve belongs to the automatic valve category, which is mainly used on the pipeline where the medium flows in one direction, and only allows the medium to flow in one direction to prevent accidents. This type of check valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline.

  • DIN wafer butterfly check valvewafter butterfly type check valve

    DIN wafer butterfly check valve

    Brief introduction of wafer butterfly check valve:

    Wafer butterfly check valve consists of valve body with lifting hole, two half-round disc, torsional spring, and rubber valve seat. The disc and seat are sealed very well,so there is no leakage. There are sealing ring at the two sides of the valve body, which can guarantee the efficient sealing even without the sealing gasket.