Flow control valve

Introduction of flow control valve:

This kind of control valve can use the water pressure to achieve automatic-operating, can control and regulate the opening level of the main valve to remain the steady flow. It is widely used in the water supply systems where fire protection water and domestic water are connected in parallel.

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Product name: Flow control valve

Model No.: SK 400X

Nominal diameter: DN100

Introduction of flow control valve:

400X flow control valve consists of main valve, flow regulating valve, needle valve, pilot valve, ball valve, micro filter and pressure gauge to form a hydraulic control takeover system. Using hydraulic automatic operation to control and adjust the opening of the main valve, so that the flow through the main valve can remain unchanged.

This flow control valve can use the hydraulic power to achieve self-control, does not need other devices and energy. Its easy to maintain and has stable flow control.

Applications of flow control valve:

This series of control valve are widely used in high-rise buildings, living areas and other water supply network systems and urban water supply projects.

How the 400X flow control valve works ?

When the valve feeds water from the inlet, the water flows through the needle valve into the control room of the main valve, and then flows out of the main valve control room through the pilot valve and ball valve to the outlet. At this time, the main valve is in a fully open or floating state. By setting the flow regulating valve on the upper part of the main valve, a certain opening degree of the main valve can be set. Adjusting the opening of the needle valve and adjusting the spring pressure of the pilot valve can keep the opening of the main valve at the set opening degree. And the pilot valve will automatically adjust when the pressure changes to keep the flow stable.







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