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Gate valve(sluice valve) is one kind of valve whose opening and closing part(valve disc) moves along the the vertical direction of the channel axis. It is widely used in the pipe line network to cut off the mediums flow, which is to achieve full open and close. Generally, the gate valve consists of valve body, valve seat, valve stem, valve disc, bonnet, sealing ring,etc. 

The gate valve(sluice valve) is rarely used to regulate the flow rate. With different material used, the gate valve(sluice valve) can be used in low temperature and low pressure pipe line networks, also can be used in high temperature and high pressure pipe lines. 

3. Classification of gate valve(sluice valve) by structure: 

According to the structure type, the gate valve/sluice valve can be divided into two types: wedge gate valve/sluice valve and parallel gate valve/sluice valve(or called flat gate valve/flat sluice valve); that is , if the disc of the gate valve is wedge type, it is called wedge gate valve/sluice valve, if the disc is parallel type, it will be called parallel gate valve/sluice valve(flat gate valve/flat sluice valve). Apart from the wedge gate valve and flat gate valve, there is another gate valve which is call knife gate valve( or known as knife sluice valve). 

Flat type gate valve-Belo Valve
flat gate valve/parallel gate valve-Belo Valve
wedge gate valve/wedge sluice valve-Belo Valve
wedge gate valve/wedge sluice valve-Belo Valve
knife type gate valve-Belo Valve
Knife type gate valve-Belo Valve

3.1. the flat gate valve(flat sluice valve) means that the sealing surface is parallel to the vertical center line, so the sealing surface of the valve disc and the valve body are also parallel to each other. The most common type of this kind of gate valve/sluice valve is the double valve disc gate valve/sluice valve. In order to make valve body sealing surface and valve disc sealing surface contact closely when the gate valve is closing, a double-sided thrust wedge is often sandwiched between the two valve discs, that kind of gate valve/sluice valve is mostly used in small pipelines with low pressure. 

3.2. Wedge gate valve(wedge sluice valve) is a gate valve whose sealing surface surface is at a certain angle to the vertical center line, that is the two sealing surfaces are wedge shaped. Wedge gate valve(sluice valve) has single disc wedge valve and double disc wedge gate valve. The advantage of the double disc wedge gate valve is that the requirement of the accuracy of the sealing surface angle is lower, the temperature change is not easy to make the valve disc wedged, the gasket can be added to compensate for the wear of the sealing surface. The disadvantage of the double disc wedge gate valve(sluice valve) is that the structure is complicated, and it is easy to stick in dry mediums, and more importantly, the valve disc is easy to fall off, after the upper and lower baffles are corroded for many years. 

4. Classification of gate valve/sluice valve according to connect method: 

The gate valve(sluice valve) has flange gate valve(sluice valve), welded gate valve(sluice valve), threaded gate valve(sluice valve)-internal thread gate valve and external thread gate valve. 

5. Classification of gate valve/sluice valve according to driving method:

the gate valve(sluice valve) has electric gate valve(electric sluice valve), pneumatic gate valve(pneumatic sluice valve), hydraulic gate valve(hydraulic sluice valve), manual gate valve(manual sluice valve). 

6. Classification of gate valve/sluice valve according to material: 

The gate valve(also called sluice valve) has stainless steel gate valve(also SS gate valve in short), forged steel gate valve(forged steel sluice valve), cast steel gate valve(WCB gate valve, WCB sluice valve, cast steel sluice valve), cast iron gate valve( also called ductile cast iron gate valve, cast iron sluice valve, ductile cast iron sluice valve), brass gate valve(also known as brass sluice valve, copper gate valve, copper sluice valve, bronze gate valve, bronze sluice valve), ceramic gate valve(ceramic sluice valve). 

7. Classification of gate valve/sluice valve according to sealing material:

According to the gate valve’s sealing material, the gate valve has hard seal gate valve(or called metal seal gate valve) and soft seal gate valve( or known as resilient seated gate valve, flexible seated gate valve, resilient seat sluice valve, soft seal sluice valve).


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