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With the development of economy, there are many industrial valves used in our projects, like gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, globe valves, air valves, throttle valves, plug valves, diaphragm valve,etc. While it also becomes difficult to figure out what kind of industrial valves should be used for some specific pipe lines. Today we are going to introduce you how to select a proper industrial valve for your projects? Or what kind of information you should offer to the valves manufacturer before you purchase the valves?

soft seal gate valves and hard seal gate valves-Belo Valve
soft seal gate valves and hard seal gate valves-Belo Valve
Butterfly Valves-Belo Valve
Butterfly Valves-Belo Valve
check valves from Belo Valve
Check Valves from Belo Valve

1. Before selecting what kind of industrial valves should be used, you should know the real application occasions, application purpose, and have a good understanding about relevant regulations, specification requirements, application approval,etc. 

2. Before deciding what kind of valves should be used, figure out the real operating conditions, what is the working medium, the medium temperature, medium pressure. 

3. Decide the nominal diameter that should match the diameter of the connected pipelines; 

4. Determine how the industrial valve should be connected with the pipes: such as flange end connect, internal(external) threaded end connect, wafer type end connect, welded end connect, grooved end connect, socket welded end connect,etc; 

5. Determine how that industrial valve should be driven: like manual lever, manual hand wheel operated( worm gear box operated), electric actuated, pneumatic actuated, hydraulic actuated, electromagnetic operated, electro-hydraulic,etc; 

6. Determine what type of industrial valve should be used: such as gate valve, globe valve, non return valve(check valve), plunger valve, ball valves, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, plug valve, safety valve, throttle valve, steam trap valve, pressure reducing valve, and other special valves; 

7. Determine the application purpose of that industrial valve: used as opening and closing device, used as regulating device, used as protecting device,etc; 

8. Determine the material of the body of the industrial valves: like gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, carbon steel WCB, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, plastic,etc; 

9. Determine the sealing grade and sealing material of that selected industrial valve: there are soft sealing material, like EPDM, PTFE,and also there are metal sealing material, like copper, alloy steel,etc; 

10. Determine the coating requirements, package requirements, shipping requirements of that selected industrial valves; 

11. Determine where that industrial valve should be used( that place has enough space for installation or the space is limit for installation, that place is easy for installation or its inconvenient for installation and operation?), and how that industrial valve will be installed, vertically or horizontally? Etc. 

12. For some customized industrial valves for special purposes, the following information may also be necessary: like the face to face structural length, the height of the whole valve( in closed and open state), other dimensions requirements, flow resistance, discharge capacity, flow characteristics, explosion-proof performance, and other technical parameters which may help the manufacturer understand what kind of industrial valve you are in need of; 

Belo Valve is a more than 15 years professional manufacturer for industrial valves, like butterfly valves( center line wafer butterfly valve, manual butterfly valve, lever driving butterfly valve, butterfly valve with worm gear box, lug type butterfly valve, soft seal butterfly valves, hard seal butterfly valves, flange butterfly valves, ductile cast iron butterfly valves, stainless steel butterfly valve), gate valves(including DINF4 gate valves, DINF5 gate valves, DIN3352 gate valves, rising stem gate valves, non rising stem gate valves, soft seal gate valves, hard seal gate valves, hydraulic gate valves, sluice valves), globe valves( DIN globe valves, bellows globe valves, electric globe valve), ball valves( welded ball valves, soft seal ball valves, stainless steel ball valves, WCB ball valves, ductile cast iron ball valves, API ball valves), check valves( wafer type check valves, swing check valves, rubber disc check valves, ball type check valve, foot valve/bottom valve), fire protection valves( grooved butterfly valves, grooved gate valves, grooved strainers, grooved check valves), hydraulic control valves,etc.

If you have no idea how to select a proper industrial valves for your pipelines, kindly contact us, professional advice can be offered:

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